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 Key Benefits of
Curator VIDEO Platform

  • One Video Management Platform for Online and Field/Facility Video
  • Live Viewing includes private virtual backroom with chat and tagging
  • Highly collaborative cloud platform designed for teams and their clients
  • Designed for any skill level to edit clips and create highlight reels
  • Includes video and audio file transcription with caption editing
  • Simple, transparent pricing that won't break the budget
  • No Commitment, 90-days storage

 Simple, no-commitment pricing by day or by hour
for all Curator SOLUTIONS


Curator is a Video Research Platform focused on reliability and ease of use. In our mission we continue to ask, "Is there a better way to do this?"

Our customers tell use they like the fact that a client can live view and edit video on the same platform without commitment or breaking the budget. Whether it's online, in-homes, shop-a-longs, or in a facility, Curator Video has been streaming reliably for years. We have developed a scalable, reliable system built on an HD and secure ISO 27001 backbone.

Curator is there for you all the way from point-and-shoot to pasting your clips into Powerpoint or other presentation mediums, capturing the perfect point in your communications and decisions anywhere in the world where you and your team works.

Curator Video Research

Curator Video Research


We love problem solving. Do you have a need for video in your projects but don't know how to get it done? We're here to help.

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