get the whole picture with video ethnography

Market Research is better with video.

Look at research + business intelligence through the lens of a new technology.

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3 Epic Streaming Options

capture your research no matter your environment

get the whole platform & discount pricing available. 


for on-premises research where there's no barrier between you and the respondent
$ 160
00 hour
  • use your own iOS device or rent equipment with CuratorComplete
  • high performing, even through low-latency connections
  • 1080p HD Quality streaming from anywhere


for conducting remote video research right wherever you and the respondent are
$ 160
00 hour
  • whether you have one respondent or ten - the price is the same
  • with VirtualBackroom, clients + respondents are kept separate
  • integrated with business tools for the best respondent experience


get up to speed with seamless integration with legacy research technologies
for pricing
  • 1080p HD-Quality streaming from anywhere with interenet
  • use your own iOS device or rent equipment with CuratorComplete
  • high performing even through low-latency connections

How much more can you get from your research?

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Word Search

Search your queues and tags with a simple search bar to query

Device Security

securely track, schedule, and manage the devices used in your interviews

Legacy Research Backwards Compatibility

upload and download all your research data and leverage Curator’s tools on existing research data

Data Management

Store your business research securely through integration of storage or inside CuratorCloud’s included storage.

Meeting Invitations

send and manage the invitations directly from the CuratorHub.

Storage Integrations

integrated with major storage providers including OneDrive and Dropbox, or you can simply directly upload from your desktop1

Video Integrations

Role Management

add security roles to membership profiles for your participants and stakeholders

Data Security

Keep PII and research data with the company through CuratorCloud or integration with your cloud storage.
work smarter

End-to-End Awesomeness.

Simply put, video captures the whole picture and Curator Video helps you get it done so you can focus on things technology can’t do. Our Patented Video Research Platform transforms the overly-complicated operation of research into a simple. streamlined process – with you in mind.


collaboration tools will help you manage your project like a boss.


collect research in your pj's from the comfort of a cloud (application, that is)


work like the human you are and leave the tasking to the robots


show off your skills in real-time with all the powers that be


Our Wall of Love

General Manager, Research & Insights

“[Curator Video] was great, I could sit at my desk and see real-time what consumers were saying about the brand.  Efficient and effective tool and will definitely ask for [Curator Video] again on other work.”

CEO, Innovation Consulting Firm

“This solution makes video possible for us without the hassle, and now we are looking at it for other video needs of our company.” 

VP, Consumer Research Company

“With other systems, videos were costly to record, time consuming to edit, and difficult to manage and share. Curator is exactly what we need.”

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Decades of industry experience have convinced us of the power of video. Remote-streaming, transcription automation, and dynamic editing have always been valuable tools for researchers, but in today’s world, they’re essential. We help make research effortless with a full-experience, remote video-streaming service in a ready-to-use, secure, cloud platform. We call this an end-to-end research solution. 

Curator makes video easy by providing everything you need to shoot, manage, and edit your video research from anywhere in the world. And, we do it all without breaking the bank.

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