Advantages of video transcriptions

We have all heard about transcribing audio files. We have transcribed them manually or through various software. However, have you heard about transcribing videos?

Well, transcribing videos is a recent concept that is gaining popularity day-by-day. What are the benefits of transcribing a video?

1 - Enhances usability

Transcribed videos enhance usability and improve user experience by making the text of the video available. By giving viewers the opportunity to watch, listen, or read the content, you allow them to share and use your information more. It becomes easier for the user to copy and paste material and to reference it.

Just relying on a video can be time-consuming. While many individuals are visual learners, text is always a helpful learning supplement. A transcript will allow the user to search and navigate the text they have missed while the video plays. They can jump back to a part they found difficult and follow along. The users in this manner can absorb more material and refer to certain points.

A research by the University of Wisconsin found that 50% of the students used transcripts as a study aid. Similarly, a Senior Product Manager at Oracle stated that transcribing videos is a “cognitive reinforcement… So when you read it and when you hear it at the same time, it helps you remember better.”

2 - Maximizing SEO

Search engines are not that advanced to actually “read” audio and video files. This means that it is difficult for the search engine to locate your work. This is where transcription of videos comes in handy. The text in the media allows search engines to read the full text and index it accordingly.

The text of the video can be attached to the description of the video, can be a downloadable document, or can be used as captions or subtitles.

3 - Makes the video accessible to everyone

Providing subtitles or closed captioning makes the video accessible to those with hearing disabilities. In fact, a lot of people can benefit from this feature. It allows places where noise can be a problem to access the content. For example, a library or gym can display your content in the form of text.

If the speaker in the video has an accent or speaks too quickly, comprehending the video will not be a problem by anyone as the text will act as a substitute.

Simply put, this feature can broaden the audience of your video and make your video more popular.

Whether you are a video blogger or a marketing professional, transcribing your videos is very important. However, make sure that the software that you use is accurate and reliable.

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