Case Study: Curator Video’s Journey with Domino’s Pizza

A look into using video insights in real-time to drive fast-action improvements and resolving pain points in the employer-employee relationship


Domino’s Pizza, the second largest pizza restaurant chain in the world, sought Curator Video to implement a solution that could easily troubleshoot pain points in the employer-employee relationship with its drivers as it pertains to how they were paid and any preferences they might have regarding their pay to combat high-turnover rates for that particular position.   Their partnership with Curator Video aligns to ethos of their culture-values:  doing the right thing, putting people first, creating an inspirational solution and winning together.


Curator Video offered their online video research solution which is cloud-based, allowing moderators to capture video from delivery drivers during their shifts at their remote locations in real-time.   With Curator’s live-view backroom, the decision-makers and stakeholders were able to observe, analyze and drive actions in the moments the research was being collected.


Domino’s learned quickly that drivers favored a daily payout versus a traditional 2-week pay period, which was in keeping with category disruptions in the employed drivers industry model such as DoorDash and Uber, where drivers have the ability to take daily draws from completed work.   As a result of their on-demand video research, Domino’s moved quickly to a daily pay schedule for their drivers and enabled technologies that allowed franchise owners to instantly pay employee wages, tips, and mileage.

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