Computer Transcription Saves Days of Work

Curator computer transcription is now included in our services and automatically updates for each video that enters the Curator Canvas System. There is so much added value to having transcriptions synced to the video that we have included this in your cost for Curator.

While computer transcription is not as good as human, we are finding huge productivity savings with it included. For those situations outlined below where it isn’t a good fit, you can always immediately add on and order our human transcription that will replace the included computer.

See the comparison for yourself (click the image to view larger).

The full power of Computer Transcription is best seen in conjunction with the video. Let us show you in a demonstration and the power of Curator + Computer Transcription! Call to schedule your demonstration today +1 513-842-6306.

Where Transcription typically works well:

  • Individual Interviews
  • Reasonable audio volume
  • American language interviews
  • Sessions where you are using common brands or word, phrases
  • Organized group session limiting multiple people talking over each other

Where Transcription does not well:

  • Low talkers
  • Accents
  • Industry lingo, brand names not widely known
  • Noisy environments (lots of background noise)
  • People talking over each other
  • Speaker identification
  • Punctuation or cleanup of “um,” “uh,” etc.

Let us take on the time and hassle of transcription, so you can focus on growing your business. Contact us today if you want to see more or learn how Curator Video can turn days of work into hours incorporating the power of video into your reports.



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