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Saving Time Starts with an Invite into the Curator Canvas Project Workspace from the Video Management Platform that Won't Break the Budget

When you log into Curator, you are automatically presented a secure, private workspace for the project for which you are assigned. As a leader, you invite members who authenticate and join the project. As owner, you may add or remove members and control editing and other rights. While most video editing applications compete on complexity and features, we have an integrated video editing canvas that was designed for collaboration, speed, and simplicity. Anyone can use Curator. You are now in total control.

Automatic Capture or Upload
Most teams utilize Curator end-to-end solutions with the Curator Complete iPad or Online Interview platform where the video is watched live and tagged by participating team members and clients. Upon completion of the research event, the video is automatically available for analysis and editing. we also partner with research facilities and integrate, so just ask us.

Alternatively, if you already have your own media, uploading is easy because we integrate with major storage programs you use such as OneDrive and Dropbox, or you can simply directly upload from your desktop (Note: There are some size limits). In either case, you have your media available in Curator Canvas ready for analysis.

Highlight Tagging
Whether you are utilizing Curator end-to-end and live tagging or uploading your own audio or video, Curator Canvas allows you and your team to highlight critical insight moments. Team members can also add tags later or at anytime to mark insight or comment. This is the start of time saving collaboration with your team with each tag or comment denoted by each teammate to easily work together to complete the analysis.

Transcription and Captioning
Transcription is included in all video or audio whether captured by Curator automatically or uploaded by you. The media is immediately available for Full Transcription Search and captions can be edited. While computer transcription is included, with the click of a button (by an authorized user), you may purchase Human Transcription. Alternatively, you might save expense by merely editing captions of the final clips for your highlight reel.

Analysis and Clip Editing
Collaboration, speed and simplicity are the strength of Curator Canvas. Clip making is as easy as selecting and saving. The video editor is designed for someone with no video editing knowledge or skill. You and your team can collaborate and organize your clips to play or download. Clips are ready and optimized for portability in HD quality to insert your presentation.

Highlight Reel
Making a movie or highlight reel takes minutes with the organization of clips and drag-and-drop divider slides you can edit from your desktop in programs like PowerPoint.

All of this and more is included when utilizing Curator Canvas without commitment in one reasonable hourly price. With Curator Complete Field/Facility or Curator Online Interviews, Curator Canvas is included.

Schedule a demo with the Curator team today to see how you could be utilizing video and audio to analyze deeper insight in hours and not days of time.

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