Curator Research Facility Solutions


Solving Facility technology problems with reliable, simple solutions. we support you and offer no-commitment pricing.  

Research Facilities can solve the following problems with one HD Live-Viewing, Video Management Platform:

  • Ability to switch a project or group locale from in-person to online IDI’s or groups on the fly
  • Utilize a custom configured iPad allowing you to use more of your facility rooms for video capture and streaming
  • Re-purpose your existing streaming equipment to reliably stream at lower costs by using the Curator Platform
  • One system, one login for editing and client live-viewing; no download/upload or handling of video whether it’s online or in-person groups

Our customers tell use they like the fact that a client can live view and edit video on the same platform without commitment or breaking the budget. Whether it’s in-homes, shop-a-longs, or in a facility, Curator Video has been streaming reliably for years.

We focus on reliability and ease-of-use and can offer the best pricing because we do not have legacy systems. We have developed a scalable, reliable system built on an HD and secure ISO 27001 backbone.

Ask us, we can likely reuse existing facility video streaming equipment infrastructure and integrate Curator Video or work with you for a cost effective transition or addition of the Curator Platform.

If you do not have a streaming solution already, you can use our device and be up and running tomorrow. Clients can watch, tag, and chat separately from their desktop. The best part is that the video stays in the same Curator project. Videos are automatically transcribed and can be searched, clipped, or made into a highlight reel all inside Curator.

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