Word Search

Search your queues and tags with a simple search bar to query

Virtual Backroom

watch the interview from a virtual backroom in real-time while being able to chat and tag highlights.

Video Clip Editing

Take meaningful snapshots of your video research data by simply selecting the moment you wish to highlight and save.

Storage Integrations

integrated with major storage providers including OneDrive and Dropbox, or you can simply directly upload from your desktop1


schedule invitees and stakeholders directly through the platform

Role Management

add security roles to membership profiles for your participants and stakeholders

Online Interviews

built for respondents to feel comfortable and at ease while moderators can change stimuli on the fly


integration that takes your PowerPoint slides and dragging them into MovieMaker to be compiled and arranged

Highlight Tagging

Emphasize critical insight at key moments with the ability to add tags and comments, denoted by author, during the livestream or later directly to the project.

Highlight Reel

Making a movie or highlight reel takes minutes with the organization of clips and drag-and-drop divider slides you can edit from your desktop in programs like PowerPoint.

Device Security

securely track, schedule, and manage the devices used in your interviews

Data Security

Keep PII and research data with the company through CuratorCloud or integration with your cloud storage.

Data Management

Store your business research securely through integration of storage or inside CuratorCloud’s included storage.


convert automated transcription to captions to any video in your library.