for in-field or facility viewing


real-time, HD-streaming remote field research or facilities with all the perks of being on site


High-Quality streaming from anywhere without the impacts of low-latency, simply access
your video research workspace from any desktop, mobile device, or curator-provided equipment.


Team members + clients can watch remotely from their desktop or mobile device by accessing their secure, project dashboard – where stakeholders collaborate through real-time chat and tagging highlights.


specially configured iPads, microphones + other equipment is available to live-stream + capture HD video, shipped overnight and  right to your project location with all the accessories needed to point and shoot. 

for research

Live-viewing for your stakeholders to see the video research being recorded. Upon completion, the captured recording + transcription is stored in theHUB, where it’s accessible for editing in CURATORcanvas, where you can instantly share your newly discovered insights. 

Powerful insight

Video has the ability to capture the actual voice of the customer – delivering a shared understanding with clarity.  As such, using video fortifies powerful research can influence the speed and effectiveness of the decision-making that outpaces the competition

A New World to Discover

Discover high-Quality, high-definition streaming from anywhere with a competitive difference over low-latency bandwidth during interviews.
Get more with a simple, reliable solution. Simply click a button and you are remote-streaming your live research from on location.

Word Search

Search your queues and tags with a simple search bar to query

Device Security

securely track, schedule, and manage the devices used in your interviews

Legacy Research Backwards Compatibility

upload and download all your research data and leverage Curator’s tools on existing research data

Data Management

Store your business research securely through integration of storage or inside CuratorCloud’s included storage.

Meeting Invitations

send and manage the invitations directly from the CuratorHub.

Storage Integrations

integrated with major storage providers including OneDrive and Dropbox, or you can simply directly upload from your desktop1

Video Integrations

Role Management

add security roles to membership profiles for your participants and stakeholders

Data Security

Keep PII and research data with the company through CuratorCloud or integration with your cloud storage.

Feature Rich + Made for Research

Highlight Reel

Making a movie or highlight reel takes minutes with the organization of clips and drag-and-drop divider slides you can edit from your desktop in programs like PowerPoint.

Online Interviews

built for respondents to feel comfortable and at ease while moderators can change stimuli on the fly

Data Security

Keep PII and research data with the company through CuratorCloud or integration with your cloud storage.


integration that takes your PowerPoint slides and dragging them into MovieMaker to be compiled and arranged