Importance of Using Videos in Research

The power of the human brain to process visuals faster than text has fueled the rise of the video revolution and the advent of social media has been a great benefactor to it. So much so today the digital airwaves are dominated by video content and are expected to completely takeover in the coming years.

The rise of videos has been so substantial that areas that were previously considered only academic and limited to literature citing only, for example, research papers are now being supported increasingly by videos. A recent study had concluded a steady rise in citation of videos in modern research papers. The reason for this are listed below:

Precise and Detailed Observations

Videos have given an entirely new meaning to the field of study known as ethnography. These visual aids allow observations that can be made in the natural settings with any unconscious alterations in behaviors that result from knowing the fact that someone is being observed. The visual material that is gathered therefore is quite accurate and has more details that can be studied and more extensive conclusions can be drawn.

Shareable Digital Evidence of the Study

Going through large number of text and cited research papers never really provides substantial evidence that a research has in fact been conducted or not. With videos however, this is not the case because these digital files can easily be shared across mediums and observed in order to determine whether the results that have been drawn are based on real observations or are faked. This makes the process evidently more transparent and therefore relevant.

Improve the Credibility of the Findings

While providing considerable evidence, videos also attach more credibility and importance to the research because they provide findings in a form that is not only much easier to watch and verify but also more comprehensive in the fact that there are real time events unfolding before the researchers who can then determine the reliability of the research in no time.

With the importance that R & D has gained in almost every field including business, medicine, academics etc., it is equally imperative that these studies be as reliable as possible in order to generate maximum results for those using them.

Can Allow Other Aspects to Be Studied Through One Medium

This is one of the most important characteristics and benefits of using videos to support research. Whilst looking for or observing a particular phenomenon, there can be other things that can be observed at the same time.

There is a possibility that these separate observations can be miles apart from one another in terms of the subject but they are being naturally observed in one setting. This eventually saves up an enormous amount of resources which can then be used in a variety of other places.

The underlying factor behind all this is the overall execution of the video projects. The more flawless the process and the more professional the people behind it are, the better the results will be.

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