Introduction to Curator VIDEO Technology Solution

Every day, video is becoming more impactful and plays a critical role, not only in enhancing communications but also in sharing of information. Critical information is lost when only a few people attend interviews and research studies from consumers and others. Curator Video has developed a technology solution with the ability to easily share video with other stakeholders. It is by far the easiest technology solution for end-to-end video management.

With this in mind, more businesses are focusing on incorporating video, particularly for video research purposes. Keep in mind that when it comes to providing the proper solution for video research, most systems only provide you a piece of the puzzle. The hardest part of video is capturing it and transferring it to a system for viewing or editing. Let alone try to share the video with a team or collaborate between moderator, client and research support team developing the video presentation.

If you are looking for a complete video technology solution, for video ethnography and more; Curator VIDEO is for you. Focusing on providing end-to-end technology solutions, Curator VIDEO was created by a long-time videographer who specializes in video ethnography and consumer research interviews.

Why Work with Curator VIDEO solutions?

Understanding that everyone has different goals and needs in mind, Curator VIDEO offers a host of technology solutions that enable you to make the most of your video capture, analysis and overall video management needs. Our solution includes the following:

  • Curator COMPLETE - We ship you a ready-to-use iPad that is optimized especially for field research needs. The video is automatically uploaded to the cloud. You will not have to face any hassles to manage the sharing of video or more.
  • Curator LIVE - Live stream will be available for anyone, including the clients or members of the team to view the research. You can also save the session in order to login and view it at a later date.
  • Curator CANVAS - This includes easy editing functions that are especially built for speedy solutions and are simple enough for any skill level. This allows you to save up to 2/3rd of your time that you would normally spend on editing the video, enabling you to meet time-sensitive deadlines with ease.
  • Curator Transcription - At the click of a button, the video is sent off for express service for human, high quality transcription. The transcription text is in sync with the video, making it easy full text search of the video. The system will cue up a clip to view or edit at the topic search or highlight text to have the clip ready to cut and paste into your presentation or share quickly and easily saving an estimated two-thirds of the time it normally takes to edit video.

The above mentioned features and more all come bundled into one price for the iPad and service, pus you choose what to transcribe. This solution can be used for any application but currently we are initially focused on consumer research.

Get In Touch With Us

If you want to find out more about our services, please contact us at or give us a call at +1 513-675-6669.

At Curator VIDEO, we take great pride in being able to help solve your video research needs through technology that enhance sharing of video and all research insight with ease.

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