Using Video Ethnography

Over the years, companies have started becoming increasingly interested in using video ethnography for their market research. Video ethnography is one of the most valuable tools due to being able to meet people in their natural environment and record how products are being used in the real time, which can often contrast and contradict what is being revealed through traditional self-reporting methods.

These insights can be powerful in shaping your products from merely something that people need to something they want to use as well. So why aren’t more companies taking advantage of the numerous benefits of video ethnography?

In the past, the biggest concerns have always been cost and time commitment. Video ethnographic research had to often be delegated to a third-party marketing research firm, an option that could often get costly very quickly. Not only do you have to pay these third parties to go out with their expensive video equipment, but you would also be paying and waiting for editing and transcription services.

Fortunately, with the rise of mobile devices and cloud software, many of these issues have been resolved. Curator Video has developed a system that has been designed from the ground-up for ease of use. We simply ship you a customized iPad with our proprietary cloud-recording software and instruct you how to operate the user-friendly interface.

You can then take it wherever you need and not only record straight to a personal cloud-storage bank but also live-stream to other members of your team. This allows them to take notes and tag important moments in the video.

Once you are finished, our powerful cloud-editing software provides a simplified user-experience so that even someone who has never edited a video before can navigate the system easily and make any necessary changes to the video. We also offer an additional transcription service that allows you to search for keywords in the video as well to quickly locate portions of the video that you want to review.

It’s time to take advantage of the many benefits of video ethnographic research now that the process has become affordable and much more efficient. Contact us today to request a demo

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