Using Video for Research Purposes

Video has long been considered a useful tool for research purposes but it is still one that is largely underutilized, particularly when it comes to video research. While it is quickly becoming more popular, it should be noted that this is due to the fact that video is a powerful communication tool and can speed the effectiveness and speed of decision-making to outpace the competition.

Furthermore, while video for use with research is extremely valuable, moreso, when it is combined with text analytics and text analysis it is a critical source of business intelligence that can be searched and archived for instant access. This is what Curator Video technology can enable for you and your organization to do. Uniquely, Curator Video offers a live-viewing option for anyone to see the video that is recorded. Once the video, which is automatically captured and stored in the cloud, is available in Curator Canvas, you can instantly share your video research clips and edit right inside your Canvas which has become easier than ever with our technology. If you are thinking of making use of video for research purposes, then following are a few more benefits that video has to offer.

Visual Data

Video in research turns out to be more valuable as it is visual data that gives more to a person to process. With good video, one can easily look into the data; even if they weren't present at the field site themselves. Another fact that makes video in research so usable is the fact that it makes use of the human sense of sight and ensures that the data is understood with ease by all members of the team.

Enhances Share-ability

Video as a medium can actually be shared as easily as text now because the video is stored in the cloud of the increased mobility it introduces. Smartphones and tablets also ensure that you get to not only share the research but also access it with ease because of cloud storage and access. It is also possible to host and create live streams more easily as well.

Archive Supports Extended Data Analytics

Analysis of your research can carry on for a long time with Curator Video Technology. You can easily make use of video to continue researching and exploring certain facets of the consumer insight again or share later with others. It is possible to want to go over a certain topic again to ensure that you didn’t miss out on a certain detail or waste time researching insight that was already conducted previously but wasn’t easily or effectively accessible. When video is converted to text, this amplifies the value in easily pulling up clips across projects on a certain topic through full text search or aggregating data for text analytics that typically requires a lot of data to begin to analyze useful trends.

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